Victoria, Australia

The state of Victoria in the southeast portion of Australia offers a wide variety of attractions for the resident and visitor to enjoy. The state’s capital, Melbourne, is also the largest city in Victoria and the second most populated area in Australia.

While the first European settlers arrived in the area in the early 1800s the area wasn’t considered a separate colony until 1851. The Victoria Gold Rush of that decade expanded the population greatly. Melbourne remains one of the country’s primary economic and business leaders due to the wealth created during the gold rush period.

In fact, the financial industries are still the leading economic sector of the Victoria economy. Oddly enough, mining, the industry that made the financial industries viable, has dropped to less than 2 percent of the total economic product of the state. Other major industries include community services and manufacturing with agriculture and government among the lower producing industries. The port facilities at Melbourne handle the most freight of any in Australia making the state important in the import and export industries.

Tourism remains a major factor in the Victoria economy drawing regional as well as international visitors. Melbourne offers many attractions including the Werribee Open Range Zoo, Melbourne Museum and Melbourne Aquarium. However, many visitors enjoy the areas outside the big city including former goldfields of Beechworh and Maldon and the maritime attractions of The Twelve Apostles and Philip Island. Coastal shorelines in Victoria exceed 2,000 kilometers offering beaches and scenic ocean views.

Victoria hosts major events including the Australian International Airshow and matches held at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds. Many Australians enjoy the top-notch sporting events in Victoria. The majority of the teams participating in the Australian Football League are located in Victoria. It is also home to rugby and soccer teams and hosted the 1956 summer Olympics. Competitors can find other competitions including auto racing, surfing and, for those who don’t like to go outdoors, poker.